The laptop is getting better each day.
BIOS update installed and damn 5-10fps boost in games. mostly 5fps boost but damn skyrim somehow liked this update. DAMN nice. Getting better FPS then windows users and on wine. SUCK IT WINDOWS !!!!!!!

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    What laptop are you using?
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    @Hallelouia acer nitro 5 AN515-42
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    @Haxk20 cool to know they actually improve/fix their stuff
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    There must've been something really wrong if a BIOS update provided such a performance boost. Are you sure that it's not something else that's changed?
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    @kamen Well i updated kernel too but it wasnt such a huge improvement actually.Most games were running at ultra at 60 fps anyway but skyrim saw like 3 fps boost. But RAM is still an issue with most games. I really need 16gb of RAM because i run out of RAM on load screen in some games because they load stuff into RAM
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    @Hallelouia Yeah they sometimes doo. But AMD provides drivers on linux and those are much much newer then those fucking drivers on windows provided by Acer. And somehow people on windows get 37000 in geekbench on multithreded and i get 41000. Linux is just better.Funny how people say that you cant game on linux. And i run games faster then windows users LOL. Will upgrade RAM in few days hopefully and that will boost a lot too since it will run in dual channel finally.
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    @Haxk20 haven't had laptops with other than Intel HD for quite a while, since I have a desktop computer that I use only for gaming.

    When I work from home I usually do from either the couch, my bed, or the kitchen table from a laptop don't ask me why I don't work on desktop because I wouldn't be able to answer, also my desk is a mess.
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    I'm a simple Elder Scrolls fan. I see an Elder Scrolls rant. I ++.
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