Oh look, X dating site says person so and so is only 44km away.

Wait a minute, they are on dating site Y, and it says they are currently 69km away..

Both statements can't be true !

Perhaps they are putting more effort into stopping us triangulate someones position !

Doesn't help when you are trying to find someone local..

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    That far they are on another island. :-)

    But they might be only 1km away and its just reporting incorrectly they are further..

    As such I usually say "I wonder if we are on the same island ?"

    They usually ask me which island I'm on..

    Then the conversation ends !

    Though I did once have one who said she was only 2 islands away and had a spare 2 hour timeslot in the evening, and did I want to buy her dinner.

    I said, if she wanted to travel to my island, I'd go halves on a dinner with her.

    She wasn't interested.

    So that didn't happen !

    Another time, one was only really 1 mile away, we had coffee, but 2 hours later she had another date with someone with more money..

    It's like living in Monaco in that way, lots of rich folk about !

    FX [ Wonders what made person ABC date XYZ person, and move hundreds of miles to a small island, was it the $10 Million they was worth.. ]
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    Can have various reasons. One of them is it only records location when the app is open. That person might have opened app A on location 1 and app B on location 2.
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    I live on a small island in the middle of a vast ocean.

    Kinda like Lost..

    Both dating sites only supposedly report the distance when the user is live online and updates continuously (You can spot when someone is walking, driving, cycling for example.), but over the years both sites have increased the amount of error when reporting other location data.

    For example, at one point you could say you was in X, then increase the dating distance checker by 1 mile/km at a time and see if they was within range or not.

    Then they changed that.

    Now you are lucky if you can figure out if they are northern or southern hemisphere of the planet. :-)

    Underworld = probably some Greek version of Valhalla..
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    Where I am, its a little less idyllic than your example, mine is more like this:
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    Where your nearest supermarket is 100+ miles away and 4 different boats..

    Getting Amazon items delivered is, challenging..

    I remember one order took 3 months to arrive !
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    Only when the next Tsunami hits !

    Hopefully, I might have moved before then..
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    Since you live on a tiny island, couldn’t you just, you know, walk around and meet people manually? Why use an app at all?
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    Trouble is finding people !

    I swear they must all work underground in a secret government base. . .

    I'm reminded of when a politician came to visit and I was the only person on the island they could find to speak to.

    I'd recently moved in..

    Well, if they had done their homework they would know an island with 0% unemployment, everyone would be at work all day. :-)

    I'm not sure how someone might respond if I knock on their door at 7pm at night and say:

    "Hi I just moved to this island 10 miles away from you, my name is X.."

    I am planning on visiting the local shops more often, eg. several times a week in an effort to bump into folk.

    Try going at different times and make a log, so I can try and find the busy times.

    I did ask in the shops, and apparently its never busy..

    That's when I could find anyone in the shops even behind the counter !

    A bit like a set on a horror movie, creaky doors and no one around but the wind whistling..
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    We have beaches, but I rarely see another person on them !

    The odd dead whale..

    Some of the beaches don't even have roads to them !
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