Yeasterday i asked a classmate what would be crazy to do.

He said install btrfs on daily machine.

And well today i did. My laptop needed reinstall anyway and so i took the chance and installed Arch on my M.2 SSD which is now btrfs.

And actually its really good and fast. I love it.

And now even boot partition can be on btrfs. FUCK YEAH.

Now just compile latest Mesa, kernel, wayland, linux-firmware and etc. You know to have trylly bleeding edge system. Because i love to live dangerous.

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    I'm using btrfs RAID 1 on my NAS with a weekly backup to an ext4 HDD. So far no problems
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    Err... If I may ask... "Would you please" add coments on tools and stuff most of us don't know? I know it fills the post with extra stuff but than I can understand more than 10% of your posts...
    Look at mine, I include explanations everytime I think people will not understand.
    Like, what is btrfs?
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    @GyroGearloose But you know programmers are the best internet searchers. Simple duckduckgo search of btrfs tells you its copy-on-write filesystem which is still in development and basically updated hugely every kernel update. Once it reaches a very very stable goal then it will be the best filesystem ever. You can do amazing shit with it. Compress your root partition ? You got it. Snapshots ? Got it. SSD TRIM support ? Got it. Swap file ? Well nope. Anyway who uses that shit ? Just use fucking partition.
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    @GyroGearloose it's a file system that has a lot of neat features, like internally managed RAID support (so it removes the need for mdadm), subvolumes, copy-on-write (which makes it very resilient against power losses), and so on.

    I honestly can't see why using btrfs over ext4 would be a "daring move". Back in 2015 or so it was, but today it's actually pretty rock solid, and I use that and ZFS everywhere nowadays. Ext4 on the other hand, I can't really see any reason to use that anymore, given that btrfs is so vastly superior.

    Perhaps the friend was a Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS user? Those are known to be a few years behind 🤭
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    Just don't use docker on it. It'll create a million dummy volumes and crap in your food. Then it will phone your mum and make disparaging remarks about your life choices.
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    @Haxk20 why would I use swap partition instead of a file?
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    Btrfs has tons of features.... But it's performance is still lacking. :(

    And I really do not like featuritis in file systems...

    But I guess I'm alone :(
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    Performance is actually better then ext4 on ssd.
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    At least thats how the system feels. On ext4 everything was lagging. Here its smooth as butter.
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    @Haxk20 did you jump kernel versions on the transition? They changed the default io-scheduler recently.
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    @WhAtEvErYoUmEaN 4.19 right now. Compiling 4.20rc2 right now.
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    @Haxk20 That's interesting… Normally btrfs is behind ext4 performance wise. 4.20 may lead to an decreased performance due to more Spectre fixes, if you are running on an Intel CPU.

    But there might be many factors involved here.

    Mount Options, tune2fs options, recent blkmq work, recent btrfs fixes and so on.

    As I do not need the futures, I just stick to ext4...

    However, I modify the mke2fs.conf to enable more of the recent options (e.g. HW checksums)
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