The feeling when you set a kernel parameter as a test but later yo forget to remove it and it causes your GPU to not enter higher memory clock speeds. Yeah been stuck at 625mhz with poor FPS when compared to 1450mhz.

Waiting for kernel 5.0 or 4.21 whatever it will be called (FFS call it 5.0 finally) that will add the ability to allow my GPU to use more power if i set the limit higher. Then lets fucking overclock it to hell.

And lets mod skyrim to hell right now. ENB and all that cool shit i coudlnt do with my old hardware.

I can already hear the fans going strong. Hmmmmm
Maybe i should apply some better thermal paste because it seems that this one is kind of bad. And oh yeah 5.0 adds ability to control the fans properly. So i can even "Overclock them even tho i wont because they were designed to run like this"

Some acer shitty tech that just applies more voltage to fans then normally. Im not able to do that on linux yet but this is going to change on 5.0

I cant wait.Tried the next branch and damn it feels nice. Fans going strong in games and i can unlimit the GPU power limit finally from 60W. But well its unstable as fuck because its next. So lets just wait for RC.

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