The moment you flash new ROM and the question is. Will alarm work or will i be late to school again and have to explain teachet that i totally fucked up and sound doesnt work or that time was wrong.

Lets find out !

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    22nd century problem
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    Maybe test it before?
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    @Mizz141 but a little surprise is always good
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    @mizz141 cant. No time to do so. Need some sleep and i dont have few hours to test it.(no few minutes wont test it because of deep sleep in android and low ram manager.)
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    W8, that actually happens?! I thought it was just devs being devs making cheeky remarks in the disclaimer.
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    @stefangliga yes this surely happens. Users dont know it because we fix it before releasing.
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    That's why I always have a backup device for that
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    Our you can get a dedicated alarm clock
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    I usually take my smartwatch of for sleeping, but everytime I flash a new ROM I keep it on and set a second alarm on it just in case...
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