So.. real question, how the fuck do we unionize as IT? Software development, sysadmins, etc... I really think there is a need to stop managers expecting us to handle all of the constant stress, constant learning at home and constant overtimes to meet stupid deadlines so the boss can buy a new Porsche? I've been thinking about this for a while already, anyone has any ideas?

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    Interested in this as well
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    Make an anonymous company rating website. Somewhere where we can check out jobs before we apply. If an company abuses us we don't apply. Most companies do what they do cause they think we're all replaceable. This way companies that treat us bad will either straighten up or be stuck with shitty IT and at the same time we can find good jobs that treat us well
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    So a problem I see in my area as a software developer is that many people LOVE to code at home and while this is really nice to be passionate it creates stupid expectations on bosses that everybody should be doing this and then it doesn't become a choice it becomes a requirement, overtime, same story. Calling IT at 3 am because boss is drunk and forgot password damnit. I believe a union or something like this can definitely help to protect ourselves from stupid shit like this. It's also better in the long term for business, happy people == better work.
    Anyway if any of you know of IT unions anywhere please mention/post them on here
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    @PerfectAsshole something like Glassdoor?
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    @rmrfHead Didn't know that existed but it's close. I was thinking with a more indepth rating system
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    @rmrfHead , Indeed and Glassdoor are now owned by the same entity. Recently I was dismayed to learn the extent to which Glassdoor is used by companies to market themselves. They now solicit or just plain create reviews that are just marketing content aimed to craft the image they want. This strategy was discussed and implemented at my current company. There is still valuable review info in the reviews, but be aware that some positive reviews for some companies are just parts of image campaigns.
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    I wonder if devrant could add a paid feature for anonymous company reviews. Only viewable or postable by those with x ++'s and $
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    Yea like Yelp for companies??
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    @DavinaLeong pretty much. Only real difference would be that it would have sub-ratings like work/life balance, dev stack, etc. The sub ratings should cover different aspects. In the two I've given it should cover overtime/offwork calls and garbage work that makes burn out easier. There's other areas that should be added but i can't think of them off the top of my head at the moment
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    @Nato I mean is not that simple
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