AMD wip 4.21 branch which is based on latest rc3 boots up totally fine and works flawesly actually. Maybe only issue is wayland black screen when switching GPU but thats OK tbh.

On the other hand the latest rc3 from git from Linus doesnt boot correctly for some fucking reson and starts a start job for 2 services that never fucking end. So now tell me WTF is wrong ????????????????? becasue i have no fucking clue what so ever. Config is OK because i compiled AMD kernel with it and it worked OK but with linus kernel it hangs on that start job. I will try one last fucking thing and that is to use PKGBUILD from AMD and just replace the kernel source with linus one. If that boots correctly then oh shit we have a fucking issue because when 4.20 comes out and Arch will use that fucking PKGBUILD then i woudlnt be able to boot whatever i fucking do.

But its still crazy that AMD kernel works OK.
And its supposed to be more unstable then Linus version. FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    But linux-next seem to work OK too when i tried it once but that can be just luck because i got that once and the next reboot it got start job again so it might be luck but lets just hope that when 4.20 comes out everything will be OK and i will not have fucking issues booting fucking up.
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    Dude, try using some commas in your sentences 🤣
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    @endor Naaaah too lazy for that. But well is this ok for you ?
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    @Haxk20 one day I'm gonna suffocate trying to read one of your posts ahahahah
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