What on earth is this guy smoking?

1. The repository is empty.
2. You can't use numbers as your variable names in function definitions.
3. His code isn't indented.
4. What is up with all those quotation marks?
5. "print()" is not supposed to be capitalized.
6. He apparently doesn't know how to use markdown for code includes.

I get it, he's a n00b, so I mostly held off for my comment on the issue, but didn't he at least take the GitHub tutorial they make you do when you register for an account?

Even more curiously, what repo did he mean to make that comment on?


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    For the lazy:
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    This made my day!

    He even replied to your comment. Now I really want to know what he's smoking, he's high even after 12 hours 😂
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    Yep, I just saw his reply like 5 min ago. I have no idea....
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    Well, we'll see if he has anything else to say. I really am completely confused. Anybody on here have a clue as to what he's really trying to accomplish, feel free to chime in.
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    A have the feeling there are some bots opening these issues... Like an AI experiment of some sort... 😀
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