Made a backup, installed antergos base and tomorrow going to get going with awesomewm and polybar! hope I won't need that gnome backup anymore.

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    I would love to see your setup once you're done configuring!
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    @Jilano couldn't hold myself back and installed already awesome and slick-greeter, got stuck because forgot to install a terminal emulator, so will have to later go into rescue shell to do that lol (just installing xterm from the run didn't work, so I assume the WiFi config didn't get saved or something else doesn't work, but the run prompt doesn't give any output)
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    @JoshBent Erf, it happens! Didn't know about "slick-greeter" by the way, it looks good. Thanks!

    There are other nice themes for LightDM too, if you're into that (e.g. https://github.com/NoiSek/Aether).

    What terminal will you install? Something like "st" or the classic urxvt?
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    @Jilano I've actually tried urxvt in the past and it was too "raw" for me, probably will go with xfce-terminal instead of tilix, because awesome will tile things from now on, could look into st though :)
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    @Jilano oh st is suckless' child, will definitely give it a try
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    @Jilano checked aether, will stick with slick though, I love the way it is universally good looking and non obtrusive of my wallpaper, similar to the grub theme I can't remember the name of right now haha
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    @JoshBent It is, yes! You might want to apply few patches, though. Luke SMITH has a version on his repo somewhere.

    Will update if I find it.


    Edit: Found it: https://github.com/LukeSmithxyz/st
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    @Jilano please tag me if you do
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    @JoshBent No worries! It's been a while since I've looked into Grub themes, can't really go back after using rEFInd :D
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