Things done:

- Fixed the file storage widget and PRd it
- Added battery time remaining (first thought I'd have to cut the acpi output, but then saw lain has the time left as a read out already)
- changed the gtk and icon theme, then set it to dark folder mode
- installed all kinds of things like vscode, intellij, ..
- neofetch now properly recognizes zsh
- set the slick greeter background and added the usual grub theme with also a custom background

Things I still have in mind:

- add an arrow widget if there is any systray icons (e.g. dropbox) - and keep it hidden if there's none
- add a time widget that I can toggle via hotkey (default to hidden, keeps the stress at night away)
- restore my night/day mode toggle .zshrc command, which applies a heavy red filter
- compile the kernel with the necessary sound flags set to make my sound work again

Quite happy with how lightweight it all is, how awesomewm has amazing and sane defaults, that I didn't need polybar to get what I wanted and how lua isn't as bad as I remembered it to be.

Full image: https://i.postimg.cc/zXsNVjbg/...

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    Hm, I wanted to reinstall today and you gave me some good idea sir.
    I like your theme.
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    @Besi if you need anything ask away
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