Best dev movie you've ever watched?

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    Snowden, the internship, and social network
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    @FrodoSwaggins Love your username!
    Nice reference 💯
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    Not a movie but a series: Silicon Valley
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    The Martian
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    Polish movie "Hacker" from 2002 with it's immortal part when they are trying to hack someone "through Emacs via Sendmail"
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    @M1sf3t "Dude, he already said 'Polish movies, you know the answer" :D
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    @M1sf3t no, the one where you need to be a creepy guy not wearing a shirt to be a good hacker
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    Sneakers. The film was ahead of its time. Bonus: You get the chance to see a legendary Cray Supercomputer.
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    @devTea Snowden as well. Hella creepy to see the surveillance powers of that agency and realizing that google/facebook and others are integrated as hell 😰
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    Funfact: at @ckoulatsi in our faculty we've got an old cray that serves as a resting area/sofa now.

    I guess most good/favorite movies where named so far. I kind of liked the hacking sceenes in the series "limitless" as the protagonist had the abillity to break the 4th wall an was like "okay, this takes about one to three weeks of my boringly try and fail and reading a lot of stuff, so instead, here's a timelapse of cute cat pictures". I apreciated that they didn't just fake shit.

    Although team dog!
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    Adding few to above list:

    * Silicon cowboys
    * Banking on bitcoins
    * lo and behold
    * Alphago
    * Pirates of silicon valley
    * Deep web
    * We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks
    * Something ventured
    * Startup.com (on my to view list)
    * Netflix "terrorism close calls" series (how govt can hack everything about you)
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    The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (German: Vergebung), hacking is more in the background, but good. i didnt saw the others but read most of the books.
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