GNOME-dev packages for Arch are 1/4 done.
Suprisingly they work quite well actually.
Settings getting new sound menu finally and it looks pretty sweet. Isnt merged yet but hey i wanted to try it out when i had the chance.
I will get it done in few hours most likely. At least the basic gnome package group.

No fucking way im doing gnome-extra.
I would make it into an repo but well i dont have a spare server i could use sadly. And i dont have money to mantain a server sadly.
It will be AUR most likely.

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    OK 9PM and 55 more packages to go. Surely not finishing this one today. Its fast to do one package but hell if you do 55 of them then it takes some fucking time.
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    Suprisingly it doesnt take that much time to actually build it even. Most apps are build in less then 2 minutes an most of those apps under minute.
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