"A what?"
"Software engineer"
"Yes, for computer software"
"So you make computers?"
"Well I mostly write software"
"Write books?"
"No, I'm programming"
"I work all day with computers"
"Ah, could you help me with..."
Mother fffuck!!

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    put a Southern U.S white trash accent on that and it could be in an episode of family guy
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    @perfectdark LOL SO TRUE
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    Engineer? So, what, you like drive trains and shit?
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    I've never met anyone who doesn't know what a software engineer is. now I feel lucky
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    that's motherfuck at the end

    do you by any coincidence have an incubator too?
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    Every fucking time
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    I say software developer. It's clear enough that people understand they don't understand what I do.
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