Anybody here has Acer nitro 5 the AMD version ?
Please comment here if you do.
All i need is for you to take a picture of an youtube video that i will comment if anybody comments actually.

It needs to be picture made from a phone and not a screenshot.

FYI this could save me around 100$ if i see what i need.

Also this has to be acre nitro 5 AMD version that never had linux installed on it.

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    That is a very specific thing to ask
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    Also who the fuck in their right mind would buy an acer without being held at gunpoint
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    @ganjaman I know. The issue is that me and @starksid is having color banding issue on this laptop and i havent noticed it before just few days before now and well its driving me crazy if lm_sensors fucked up my hardware or its actually the laptop issue even on windows and on laptop that never had linux installed.
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    @ganjaman Well to answer the second comment. Well it was the only laptop with good cooling and AMD hardware.
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    Why don't you try installing Windows and check how the transparency effects render? Must be a software thing, I very seriously doubt you can damage graphics hardware just by installing Linux.
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    @RememberMe No i mean that lm_sensor may wrote some crap to I2C pins and actually changing something in display. Its not the first time this happened actually. Guy had an laptop and run lm_sensor on it and the display blinked few times and he saw lines in it after that. Thats why im asking for that.
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    @Haxk20 sounds like said guy managed to change the display bit depth
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    @RememberMe Not the guy but lm_sensor and not color depth but gamma. It looked like when you have vertical and horizontal lines on screen. It was weird. Hopefully this is just an issue with screen. And it seems like the display is the issue because i read a post that guy had same laptop as me even the same screen and never installed linux on it and well he has color banding too. But only on dark gradients. If its white or just colorful then its totally OK.
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    Can you try compensating for that gamma change?
    Gamma is a power law, as in output = pow(input, gammafactor), so you can control the overall factor by changing input factor (successive gamma corrections are multiplicative in the factors). Unless the display gamma is such that it runs into bad quantisation, which is what I'd guess is happening here
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    @RememberMe IDK how to change gamman in wayland LOL.

    But im not having this issue that guy had. Im just having Gradient banding on dark backgrounds.

    And im pretty sure that this is actually an display issue since when i connect to external display this issue goes totally away.
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