I am not gonna lie. I am really excited with the changes coming to Magento with the release of 2.3.0.

I think it will help with the huge problem in the Magento community with devs who are very incompetent but somehow keep getting significant income from clueless clients as Adobe has introduced many changes including deprecating the entire frontend, making it PWA, so react, vue, or any other framework can be used to create the frontend, all backend calls will be through the graph-ql api.

They introduced strict PHP typing, very advanced OO designs, and this deprecates 99% of all stack overflow answers and tutorials which makes me very happy.

Read the damn classes if you want to use them! Stack overflow is 99% wrong on how to implement solutions for Magento! which tells you how few devs out there actually understand Standard Practices for Magento 2.

Now, I just need to find a company that is on the leading edge of development so I can increase my skills faster than currently possible on my own.

I ironically have gotten positive responses from my resume blast yesterday and have initial interviews lined up the entire week at lunch. Was so not expecting this during holidays. But seems to be it is going to be a very good Christmas for me.

Which brings me to my prediction for Adobe's interest in an eCommerce platform such as Magento.

My prediction is they will make the backend a closed source subscription service and you will just create the frontend PWA style with api calls to their subscription service.

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    Good luck with your interviews!
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    Haven't read much about it, but these sound like much needed changes. The Magento landscape was a nightmare for a developer trying to dip his toes in. I hated every minute of it.
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    It still is a nightmare. It definitely isn't something that you just can 'dip' your toes in and expect to be great at it. It is a very very complex framework, honestly, I have yet to work with something as complex. The problem with M1 is it didn't follow OO design principles very well or at all. M2 at least follows the most advanced design principles, so a developer with very advanced knowledge and skill of OOP will be able to dive into M2 a lot easier than with M1. But it isn't for the feint of heart I can assure you.
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    @hash-table Yes, I realized this fairly quickly. My company was switching from another platform to Magento. They pulled me in late in the project and asked me to help.

    I ended up straight up telling them that there wasn't enough time for me to learn Magento development and actually be helpful. I refuse to develop in a system until I know what I'm doing to some degree.
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