I'm about to have my first interview as a software developer (internship)

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    @gintko Thanks, it's in about 10 minutes and I'm going freestyle ahah
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    I would've posted advice but I see you have already entered the interview. Update us on how it went! 😁
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    . for notifs
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    @Elyz It finished and it went well as duck! I was a bit nervous but when I started talking with her I got very calm. She was beautiful
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    Tell me what happens next.
    Good luck tho
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    @nofckingcluedev I'll post it here. But I don't know.. It wasn't what I was expecting now that I'm thinking about it.
    They are head hunters. I thought that they were going to send me to a smaller company because I don't have an engineering degree yet, but they are sending my resume to one of the biggest banks here in Portugal (and other countries).
    They want to create an app, server and web platform all in C# .NET angular and I could rotate in all 3, which would be a dream.
    I don't know.. I have a lot of competition.
    I have another interview in a couple of weeks with another company though, from Amsterdam that have a company here in Portugal, which I am also exited about.
    Thanks everyone, w'ill see!
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    Good luck!!
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