This post is a random, but who cares?

So about a year ago, I got a message from (at the time) a random guy with more ++ than me. This guy was @linuxxx. The message went something like this:

L: Do you want to join our little privacy chat?
E: Sure!
L: Ok. send me your email.

.. And that was my gateway drug to the coolest group of people I have ever met.

Eventually riot.im got boring, then we moved over to signal and I met even more cool people.

So. After a year and a few weeks, I would like to say Thank You to this group, and to devRant for being an amazing place where like-minded people can meet eachother and learn from eachother.

Im going to inevitably forget some people, but the groups members are mentioned in the comments.

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    And the 11 (or so) others with usernames I can't remember or who have deleted their accounts.
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    It's weird to see how it's grown and changed.

    Sucks some of the people left, but they were all adults and made the choice, so no point in dwelling on it too long.
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    What's the group? How can I join it? πŸ‘€
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    You got my attention. πŸ‘€
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    @XiovV find my pgp key at my username .com , where can I find yours
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    Here is a public key:

    -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----













    -----END PUBLIC KEY-----

    Can you answer in comment the result of:

    echo '<Group name>' | openssl rsautl -encrypt -pubin -inkey temp_rsa.pem.pub -ssl | base64

    saving the public key as temp_rsa.pem.pub?
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    @XiovV fantastic thanks.
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    @taigrr why are you guys exchanging pgp keys?
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    @ewpratten why wouldn't we? I use pgp whenever possible. It's not often possible. Right now it is.

    Though @XiovV , unless you changed your default settings I'd take a look at this:

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    @linuxxx is cool and he likes hardstyle, my online best friend ahah
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    I'm jelly.
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    @linuxxx knows that it means :)

    No worries mate! I hope you find it interesting and fun!
    I sure am very interested in the fediverse :)
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    Its a pleasure meeting all of you really enjoying the group and devRant :)
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    And that’s how iluminati began..
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    @BadMeetsEvil Currently an invitation based thing. @linuxxx is mostly in charge of that.
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    @ewpratten Oh wow I totally had to reread this whole thread, thought @XiovV was the admin. Hahaha.

    @linuxxx , you should already have my email from when we talked about your collab, but it's tai@{username}.com, pgp key is on {username}.com Lemme in please!
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    @ewpratten You forgot me, but np.
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    @xzvf it was inevitable.

    If I have your contact as your first name, I wouldn't have remembered your username.
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    @linuxxx can i get in ? Best would be telegram since signal you have to give users your phone number
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    @XiovV Yes but giving away my phone number is too !
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    @Haxk20 @XiovV You can buy a prepaid sim for signal, a few members did this :)

    But what @XiovV said, telegram is horribly insecure so that's not an option too badly :/
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    @ewpratten Let me try and help you out with the group members:

    The rest left devRant I think...
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    Okay, some more left 😐
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    @linuxxx I keep checking my inbox, keep feeling disappointment! Haha
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    @linuxxx Will do !! But not soon since i dont have the time to actually go to the fucking provider and buy one because as i know them it will take them a shit ton of time to actually get that card.
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    @taigrr I'll message you tonight if I don't forget πŸ˜… (otherwise feel free to mention me tomorrow morning!)
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    @ohemelaar I'm not able to import your key

    Maybe save in mit pgp or pastebin
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    @linuxxx !!!!! :P
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    @taigrr I did not take into account that some people of the current chat aren't very comfortable with relatively unknown people entering the chat so we're discussing options right now :)

    Apologies for the delay, I'd very much like to get you guys in but when some people aren't as comfortable with new people entering, I've have to listen to them and look at what options we have :D

    Were thinking about possibly going with Wire (wire.com), how does that look you think?
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    @linuxxx I've had a wire account for maybe 2 years now? It's alright. Nowhere near as polished as signal. I've never used it seriously, so I haven't looked into any of their audit policies.

    I like keybase the most, but it's still in beta and is kinda slow and there are a few bugs in their UI which has led me to use signal for now. I have a few voip numbers for privacy, but I mean, my phone number (one of them anyway... :P ) is public on my website. I don't care about people knowing who I talk to, just the content. For now, anyway.
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    @taigrr I'd advice to take a look again, it's gotten much better! Thanks for your feedback, will get back to you asap :D
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    @linuxxx haha I used it yesterday so I have looked recently for sure, it nuked all my conversations from before though. Despite using the same device as before even.
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    @XiovV you can keep signal! It's me just about what the current crew thinks and due to timezones, hardly anyone is available πŸ˜…
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    @XiovV @taigrr @theKarlisK @ohemelaar we decided to go with Wire (wire.com) for now until we find something better, if you'd like to join you can email linuxxx@tuta.io ;)
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    It's still kind invite only though but consider yourself invited (for the people I mentioned in the above comment)
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    Nice to know there’s a cool circle jerk group that only cool people cool enough to join, and is curated by the coolest dudes in devRant.

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    Ok. And?

    It's not like there is a discord that requires an invite, or a snapchat group that requires an invite, or even a Minecraft server that requires an invite.

    Oh Wait. There is.

    So why should it matter if we want to keep our group invite only (and curated) ? Especially since there are many people in the group who like to keep their identities secret.
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    @ewpratten look at you 28k dang I better step up.
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    @jpichardo haha.

    I haven't seen you around for a while.
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    @ewpratten haven't been around in a while lol
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    @jpichardo welcome back
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