My current project:

The database is google sheets maintained by a "data team". Basically data entry people are our DBAs.
There are no services, just a link to download everything in those sheets. The applications (mobile, web and windows) have to download everything anytime any user changes anything.

The front-end does all the db work, since the backend is shit! The front-end has it's own db, which is a well structured local db that we create fr the crappy data inserted in the sheets. The front-end sync up their changes locally, with no help from servers. The servers are just storage.

The only db on the servers is ONE table. That inserts a huge json file, everytime a user uploads their changes, along with a createdAt.

I'm on the Android app development, and the code was copied, litterally, from iOS code, and translated to java... from another similar project, then tweaked to work. No pattern is used what so ever, UI code and Business code are in one file. Like 1000 lines of code UI file.

We all talked about it. We all whined about how shitty it is. And don't get it wrong, the management did approve of refactoring. Which is what we did to the Android project (50% right now cleaned up). But the backend team are fucking pussies!

Company agreed to re-assign me once I'm done with some urgent tasks :)

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    graphQL is our lord and savior!
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    I'm sold on "Google sheet is our DB" 🤣
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    Wow. I thougth projects that I developed when I was script kiddie was worst.
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    I’m actually amazed how they manage to come out with that kind of architecture. What books or online resources did they refer too
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    I almost downvoted this as offensive...
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    @hafiz5626 I said the same to every one of them. Like how on Earth do you come out with something so radical?
    It's like next level stupid
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