How do top rants get so many ++s!!

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    Maybe the ranter is a hacker :D
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    By people pressing ++ on them, duh
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    They get a lot of ++ if the rant is good.
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    They use pheromones that are released when the rant is read.
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    If you're talking about the all time "Top", it was a different time so a "tad" easier to get that number (you still needed some good content, though).
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    Blood magic.
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    By being good and entertaining content, not like this.
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    By not posting 50% memes
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    Evolution in action.

    If you post something and hardly anyone likes it, then you know not to post that kind of thing again.

    Eventually maybe by chance you will hit on something folk like, then milk it to death until you discover the next thing folk like..

    I hear folk like humour.
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    Easy. We write good rants that people like !
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