//I don't mean this to brag, or upset anyone for that matter- just there are a lot of sad posts.
I only mean this to appreciate them.

Growing up, my parents supported anything I wanted to be.
They paid for my first computer(s), and always made sure I had the resources to learn anything I wanted to.
They understood when I dropped out of high school.
They ask about all my projects, and they're supportive of all of it, usually fascinated.
Even the parts they don't fully understand- they really do try to, and it makes it so much easier to work knowing that they're impressed with me.

This Friday is my first real interview where I hope to start as a junior, at my dream job. They've never been prouder.

I can never thank them enough

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    all the best for the interview
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    @rookiemaverick Thank you! I hope it goes well
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    All the best man! Ace the interview!
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    You seem like you've got your head screwed on right. Good luck on the interview. I think you'll do fine. I'd hire you on your passion alone.
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    That is a nice thank you to your parents. You are fortunate and so are they.
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    thank you all so much! I'll post an update for how the interview goes. this company apparently doesn't call you out unless they're already confident that they want you (hour long phone interview with the technical director), but damn do I have my fingers crossed for it
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    Stop cutting onions!
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    My mom is the same way, she listens to all my tech talk, and she's slowly starting to understand my ELI5 versions of everything haha
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