Every time I log in, it wants to know if I've changed my email address or not..

And then, just to be extra annoying, on the dialogue box the close icon is almost not reachable, hiding away in the corner..

Why, every bloody time does it need to ask me !

Is there a switch / hack to turn off this annoying feature.. ?

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    I just checked log in me everytime...
    I dont have to log in everytime and it is very convinient!

    Yas i have 2FA too.
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    Have you confirmed your e-mail yet?
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    Because Steam UX is as good as its DRM free content.

    I also hate the fact that you have to log in "Steam" and "Community". Just why?
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    I think so..

    The first few times, I thought, oh I must have forgotten to.

    Then I thought, oh it hasn't worked right, I'll do it again.

    Now I just think, I've done it a dozen times already, stop pestering me about it !
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    You can for some games at least, just go straight to the game, without needing to log into Steam, for example, Elite Dangerous:

    "G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\EDLaunch.exe"

    But I notice when updating games, some like to be updated via Steam only, and some you don't need to have Steam running to do so.

    I only went the Steam route because something I wanted was only available via that route, otherwise I stick to buying legit stuff and installing it via the DVD/CD/etc.
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    Use 2FA. That‘s the way Valve let you know your acc is not well secured
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