I think this message should start with an aaaaaghhh, but I guess am too sad to do that too.
Everything is going sideways, being a nice person is just a curse.
Nice ? No, i guess being simple is a curse, being stupid is even a bigger curse.
You are a fool because you are not cool . not cool enough to talk bull shit with your college friends and laugh at their ill-logical comments.
You are a fool and an easy target to be laughed at. You are a fool because you have tried so many practical experiments that failed , but you believe them to be the mistakes that made you grow, that made you learn.
These were the practical experiments that will be the point of laughter for everyone, even after years, in public. And now you will be mocked for thinking differently.
Nobody ever thanked you for the practical experiment , where you stood out of this stupid group of audience , talked to the guy at the college gate , and helped their fucking asses get in...
Nobody will ever thank you to help cancel a boring lecture for free attendance, or the 100th proxy you made for them, or the notes you shared.

Yet everyone remembers the day when you said to the examinar "no, it's a oop practical, don't ask c++ related questions, i had python as a subject in class 12th, not c++" (which is not even funny)

When the college shit cracks me up , i can do nothing but be quiet about it. And deep inside it feels like am controlling my fuckin tears. And the sadness in college leads to even stupider turn of events on the way home.

Fucking messs

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