About time... I was beginning to think it was vaporware... :/

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    I was waiting forever for it too just for the dark theme. I did some research and found that the update was blocked for me because it was incompatible with old radeon graphics drivers which I still had installed from long ago. After wiping them the update started downloading on the next check.
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    Btw, you might want to not click on "Check for updates":

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    @electrineer that's insane. Ignoring the fact that it installs unstable updates, you would think that a button labelled 'CHECK for updates' would just check if they're available, rather than installing them with no option to cancel. There should be a separate option to download updates, and another to install them.
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    @ryankrage77 1809 has lots of important new features. Why is it not stable?
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    @sunfishcc well 1809 in particular might be fine, but clicking the button will install beta updates, rather than the next stable update. If you don't click it, you just get the stable ones.
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    @ryankrage77 I use the pause update feature unless there’s some particular needed.
    Actually this update is a particular one, it introduced DXR and hardware acceleration for android emulator on AMD cpu. So I couldn’t complain much👍
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