- build my two pixie radios
- get my ham and Morse code licences
- finish writing my rf replay attack program
- build a custom version of raspbian os for FRC
- win all the games (right @ellont?)

There are more.. I can't remember them.. I should really wake up before trying to make lists

  • 2
    Well that last one is already in the code, we just need to wait for the competitions
  • 3
    @Ellont ah. Yes.

    So you are saying that 50CubeAuto() also works?
  • 2
    @ewpratten hey we never tested it, that means there’s a chance it will work
  • 3
    @Ellont true.

    While we are at it, let's test out OrganizeTeam()
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    @ewpratten MakeBestBot(), WinLottery(), FreeTuition(), man robots can do everything
  • 1
    Replay attack won't work if you use it against rolling codes.
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