Me : We need a resource that can help us achieve the deadlines that you set and the sudden requirement changes that arrive.

Manager: What are the requirement specifics?

Me: Candidate should have industry experience and have worked on such and such projects.

Manager: Better to take new interns. We can have 4 interns in cost of 1 full time.

Me: What about skills and relevant experience?

Manager: You can teach them right?

Me: What about the deadline then?

Manager: You will have 4 people to achieve deadline.


I am currently in a contract for 1 year that expires in May. Should I breach the bond and run from this shit manager? Should i persist like a stoic?

Help me people, I am dying working under this piece of shit that doesn't even know where to type git clone and claims himself to be very technically advanced!

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    Next time say: “Oh sure! And 10 women can make a baby in one month!”

    Then walk away and let him ponder it. Then leave a copy of “The Mythical Man Month” on his desk. Then quit.
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    “we need”, “help us”, “deadline you set” - bad words
    Talk about yourself and your desires. Otherwise he just told you his desires as you told him it’s “us”.

    I can’t achieve this feature/deadline.
    I need someone more experienced then me to help me with it.
    I am not a teacher.
    I can’t do two things at once.
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    I am not good at giving advices but don’t talk “us” when only you’re doing job 🙃
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    This is one of those cases where scaling out doesn't yield the same performance improvement as scaling up.
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    "Quality over Quantity"
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    Stay, blame manager then leave.
    Be sure to document every decision, good and bad, then burn the mother fucker.
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    Anyone that claims to be "very technically advanced!"... isn't.
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    @vane That is a valid point you got there. Thanks
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