We have a new member in our 3 ppl team, he started 2 days ago. Tomorrow the teamlead will have a day off, so I get to explain our workflow and systems to him and will answer any questions he has. Teamlead for a day. Let's see how that goes.

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    You are working there what? 4 months now?
    Getting promotions quickly
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    Don't want to kill the buzz, but, how does answering questions and explaining makes you teamlead?
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    I'm the Team lead in my small team (3 people) at work and new person has joined 2 says ago.
    Last time I onboarded someonewas 4 months ago, hated teaching them our systems and workflows and answering their millions of questions.

    Scheduled to take the day off, nobody suspects a thing, team lead 364 days of the year 😎

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    @Codex404 I'm not being promoted, it's just a thing for a day
    @ipinlnd I probably should have phrased it differently, like "playing teamlead for a day". I'm under no illusion that it's a promotion of any kind. I'm just the one with the most experience in the team today
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    @mrmr very leader-ish behavior there 😂 I totally get the impulse though
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    @CoffeeNcode no i didn't mean that. I just meant if you'll only be explaining, then it's not team lead. If you actually give that new guy task, like i don't knos, test task or whatever, then that would be team lead. Eithet way i understood what you meant. It was just a joke. Enjoy responsiblity. It's amazing!
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    @CoffeeNcode a one day promotion is still a promotion.
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    @mrmr i thought for a sec you were the guy Im working for right now xD I joined two days ago in a three people team and the other person joined 4 months ago
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    @ipinlnd I kinda am telling him what to do 😅
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