I participated in a hackathon today at work. I stressed out near the end, couldn't think straight anymore and accomplished only about 70% of what I was aiming for. Plus I had this headache since early in the morning that wouldn't let go.

I'm disappointed of myself, both because I let myself down and because I let my CTO and another colleague down (my team).

They said it's all fine and that it's all for fun anyway, but the feeling itself isn't any better :(

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    I also attended a hackerthon last year from work and we accomplished nothing. Our challenge was changed half way through and only the team which prepared before hand did manage to produce a working prototype.

    I think hackathons are a waste of time and just stress you the f*** out.
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    I only take part in hackathons to learn from better people LOL so you can be sure that you will not win anything with me in your team LoL
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    I always go for the 24+ hour awake rush. I know a fair enough amount to make decent applications as long as I can do the backend/server part (if you'd put me in charge of the UI, our team would be entirely fucked).
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