Somehow balance work, self-education, exercise, sleep, and non-work activities. This year for sure. [1]

[1] And reduce number of footnotes in rants.

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    I'm going to do sports, learn a foreign language (French), learn how to make perfumes and collect money for a professional camera.
    In addition, I already have an extra job, because I like to spend money.
    In difficult times, I am saved by a web service, that provides essay writing and homework for students.
    Last week I was asked to write a bibliography, if it were not for them, I would not have coped (read this - https://ca.edubirdie.com/annotated-...).
    I am so happy, that I wrote my goals, because I know what I need to do.
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    @kattyjackson Getting a mixed message here.

    Should we be using your essay writing services because it can help people who present with poor grammar, or should we avoid it, because the messages advertising it have poor grammar?
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