Hi, do you use cssreset for frontend projects?
is it necessary to use that?
i'm not using any framework like bootstrap.

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    Absolutely. Browsers have different defaults, margins, padding, base font size, and lots of other shit that needs resetting before you define your own.
    There are many css resets available. I personally still use my own based on upon eric meyers somewhat ancient reset.
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    given that i don't see the point in being a vanilla-nazi (no offense 😉), if i had to code everything with no library/framework/tool of any kind, yes i'd start with a cssreset

    a good reset is still useful even when you use certain UI libraries tho
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    Normalize.css works wonders.

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    I indeed prefer normalize over reset. Normalize still has some margins where one expects it. Where reset just disables all default styling
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    @helloworld I believe, if someone has to reset all the thing for his design to work at all, then design is bad. 🤔
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    @irene not true, it’s to reset the browsers defaults to a standard canvas across most browsers.

    The design can only adapt so far before writing browser specific css.
    The down side to cross browser support and all browsers implementing the standards and their own shit along side.
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    @C0D4 reset actually resets most if not all default browser styling. Even those according to specs.
    Normalize normalizes everything so there is some styling changes, but most of it won't change things in Chrome or FF.
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    @irene what @code4 said
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    @Codex404 but normalize sets a standard of which you build but if you don’t like the standard then you have to then modify. To me, as I do bespoke design and often build sites for other designers, I have to closely match visuals so a total reset is a must then I can build styles based around the specifics of the design.
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    @helloworld its just annoying that pre tags styling gets reset in a way it is not according the specs..
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    Heck yes, if you want to get the 90's out of there
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