Look at this guy, commenting on a fox News story about McAfee VS the IRS. What a fucking idiot.

Why do people talk about shit they have no knowledge of whatsoever? Especially these jackasses who go on news sites and accuse legitimate businesses of insane things, because all they know is incorrect stereotypes and they are too narcissistic to correct themselves.

What. The. Fuck!

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    Looks about right.

    Fox (or any profit minded news outlet regardless of left vs. right political leaning) is pandering to specific demographic in order to elicit a specific response. For websites, it's clicks and ad revenue generated by any means necessary. Why even allow comments? Because the crazier the comments, the more people click, the more $$$. Post/share those comments on a social web site (like devrant) the more $$$..wash rinse repeat.

    Not good or bad, just how the game works.
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    Generally people are stupid
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    It's exactly what media does: satisfy ppl with bullcrap so they comfortably feel knowledgeable, enough to have an opinion.
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    Imagine how stupid the average person is. Now, realize that a full half of the population falls short of even that.

    And now: consider that intelligence is largely genetic, and further that less intelligent people usually have more children. Add in some exponential growth, and...

    This pile of intellectual oatmeal will eventually be one of the more intelligent specimens of the species.

    It all paints a rather bleak future, eh?
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