Jesus fuck! I have five units and a dozen projects to hand in soon.

Anxiety is going to consume me in near future. **pops up vitamin D pills**

Also, shit teammates.

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    If I fail all five, I'm gonna drop out and go back to be a devops eng... 😢
    I hated it... 😥
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    Why when I was your age, we got back to doing devops projects and we LIKED it!

    Seriously though, you can do it.

    Edit: also, What does "unit" mean in this context?
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    @cannonau unit as in subject/course.

    @NoMad well when you are fail, you fail. So now that you aren't failed yet, try to focus app your energy into studying them as much as you can.
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    @cursee I like your "when shit happens, shit happens" wisdom 😂
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