Keep your game collection safe with 'Origin'..

Been busy as of late, not much time for games, so haven't used it..

It just sits there, icon on the desktop, waiting for me to click on it..

I haven't updated it for a while, let me just do that at least..

Oh look, the, remember my password thing is, again, not clicked..

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No games listed..


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    Origin is cancer, seriously.
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    Got almost all the games back, bar one..

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    EA says you have a 5 PC activation limit until you need to call support and have them reset the number.

    Once I reached it, if I needed to reinstall Windows, I'd have to call support every time because apparently when they "reset" that 5 limit counter, you only get one more until it needs to be reset again.


    I never knew about that !

    Probably because I rarely change things, but as I'd recently got a bigger hard disk just for games, I thought it was about time I reinstalled them in their new home..

    How complicated could it be..

    Related link:

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    Reminds me of why I don't use Norton anymore.

    I used to buy their product, yes, actually pay money for !

    Then one day, after having to reinstall my OS again (Thanks XP..) I couldn't download my Norton antivirus..

    No problem, I'll just ring up customer support, they will help...

    Download limit, I think it was 5 times, and that's it !

    Doesn't matter if you paid for it, once you hit that limit, tough !

    Way to keep customers, NOT !
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    Experiences like that, is why I reckon a DRM free, donation income money for a game model approach could work well.

    You download the game for free via torrents, if you like it, you pay what you want for it.

    Then its up to me to write a good game that delivers, and works, and doesn't screw over the customer repeatedly with issues that shouldn't even exist !
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    This is why my preferred way to get a game is to buy a physical copy second hand on Ebay.

    But some games are so hard to find, especially if old and you need an unused serial number !

    And difficult to find cheap..
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    I also remember a couple of years ago their client not working on my laptop as an update wouldn't work due to my CPU being 'too old'.. aka not supported any more.

    Luckily I was able to find a site with previous 'Origin' clients to download to get things back to working again.

    But hardly made me a fan of the company !
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    And why do companies even bother having a 'click here to remember your password' box when half the time, it doesn't remember it !

    One application I use, they have managed to keep their box ticked for 10+ years plus and working, without asking me to dig out my password for the 18th time this year unlike some..

    And the, we'll send you a link folk..

    Only really works well if you have your own email server that doesn't automatically decide its spam and you never see it..

    And collects your email in a few minutes, rather than, some time next week..

    If ever..

    All I want to do is play a game for 5 minutes, and its taken hours just to find out, it isn't there any more !

    Ok then, I'll just go and play something else for 5 minutes !

    I'd better update my Steam client, not played that in a while... :-)
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    The Steam client is absolutely solid compared to Origin.

    5 PC activation limit? What the hell?
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    @PrivateGER sounds like someone is being needlessly complex and """""""""""""""security-focused"""""""""""""""
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