I came to know that there are dumb for who complain about golang and say PHP is better replacement....😂😂🤦‍♂️

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    One of the only things thar Go has got for it over php is speed. I love Go, but as far as languages goes(see what I did there?) It ain't the most impressive thing ever.

    Regarding speed, check out the benchmarks for php swoole. It damn near smokes all Go implementations out there.

    I ain't hating tho, i love both languages, but go is *not* a superior alternative, merely an alternative.
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    @AleCx04 I'm not complaining about PHP either. But how is it fine to say the whole docker stack can be written in PHP?
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    @aki237 are you asking me how couls docker be written in php? Or if it would be a good contender for it?

    You can add extensions to php in C fairly easily, and call low level code from php just as wellm if you very well wanted to, you could interface with the same low level code required to containerize and virtualize an environment like in docker.

    Would you do it tho? No, same way you wouldn't write a AAA game in Go. It doesn't mean that your choice of a language is inferior. It merely means that it is not the right choice for it.

    You did; however, put a language used for web dev(php) in the same regard as Go, so hinting at using one over the other for the web in which I merely stated that one is not superior over the other.
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    Yes thank you. That was kinda my argument... Why compare? (Ignore my hatred towards PHP though )..
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