Why is browser comparability a thing? Just recently learned about css variables; to find out they aren't supported on any version of Internet explorer. Why??

It makes it hard to use the new and shiny methods if some of the big players don't support it

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    IE is shit, just use a fallback colour when using variables and you should be okay I think.
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    @52cal the fallbacks are nice it's just annoying that they're needed period
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    @Xingaling be happy you don't have to deal with ie8 or even ie6. They have compatibility ISSUES. What your dealing with is is just a minor itching. I believe that for IE you can get a polyfill or walk-around, like we are used to, for ages.
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    because internet explorer is dead and older than css variables? Internet Explorer 11 came out in 2013. CSS Variables came out in 2014.
    So do your self a favour and only support the last 3 versions of chrome. Unless you have to because of special business requirements.
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    Just redirect requests from IE useragents to getfirefox.com.
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    @heyheni there really isn't a majority of user complaints if ie isn't supported for the user? I know it's an ancient browser but a lot of people still use it especially the older generations that don't know better
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    @bahua lmao that's awesome I love this
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    > Internet explorer

    > Big Players

    Pick one
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    @inaba used to be one I suppose 🤔
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    I'm not entirely certain I'd call Internet Explorer a "big player" in 2019...
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    @Tsaukpaetra https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.... 3% is still a good chunk of people!
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    I see "regulate this" I --.

    Also: CSS vars didn't exist when IE was a thing.
    Also: lol @ calling that an incompatibility. Look into css hacks and all the crap you had to do to make even simple things work. I used to know those all by heart.
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    @Root my apologies Im still a newbie. Saw a little footnote during my studies that said css variables weren't supported on ie. I guess I should've done the research beforehand.

    I'll get to a point where I can have an informed technical convo eventually I promise! 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    @Xingaling Fair enough, and forgiven 😊
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    @Xingaling But 3% doesn't make it a big player, and if you go to the source that Wikipedia uses and pick december last year you get a whooping 2.55%, which is also not a big player. Hell it's not even in top 5 of most used browsers

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