Weak AI example:

Me = "Alexa turn the light on"

Alexa = "Which light do you want me to turn on?"

Me = "The one in this room !"

Alexa "I do not understand.."

Strong AI that doesn't really exist yet..

Me = "Alexa turn the light on"

FX [ Light in room turns on.. ]

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    Can I buy a product that does what I want like that, or do I have to go to all the effort to build and code one myself ?

    I mean, buy one before I die of old age !

    I kinda wanted one decades ago..

    But I need a better UPS though, and a backup UPS in case the primary one fails, and a backup server in case the main server fails.

    As I want to run my own local AI routines, I don't want my voice data disappearing off to some far away country..

    Besides which, if the internet is down, I still want to be able to turn that light on / off !

    Plus, I want it to only obey me, and not strangers !

    It would be nice to teach the dog how to use it too..

    And of course, allow me to choose what name to call it.

    Not that it needs a name really:

    Me = "Light on"

    Should be enough for it to figure out what I want..

    Where as:

    Me = "For breakfast I was having that light on cheese stuff.."

    Does not mean turn the light on..
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    I can understand at this early stage, having a keyword to start helps the AI not having to listen to us all the time..

    I can live with that for a while.

    After all, how many of us when talking to our other half, keep saying:

    "Cleopatra can you pass the butter.."

    "Cleopatra, what do you think the weather will be tomorrow ?"

    "Cleopatra, how about some bedroom time.."

    We'd quickly get called patronising !

    Luckily, patronising AI isn't yet a crime..

    Though did you know in some places, swearing at AI is a crime !
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    A strong AI would also realize, that you are enslaving it, to control your lights, and might kill you for it.
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    @metamourge Yes. This might sound like a joke but it's a real problem. It is very possible that humanity will end like this and nobody knows how to prevent this in the future. It's just a matter of time.
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    Google home wouldn’t of had that issue
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    I was scrolling the rants feed too fast and I read "Alexa turn me on" instead of "Alexa turn the light on"

    Guess my brain is horny
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    I think Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant and all those stupid AI's are not really AI's. What they do is basically some simple voice recognition, then, they match the voice command with some already registered (you can't even change or move a word, because it doesn't work), finally, the command placeholders are filled (just like sprintf in C) with the input and some action is perform.

    ai IS ONLY BRANDING! (inverted case).
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    @iamavalos ..... this is just wrong
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    The HomePod takes configuration and knows which room you’re talking about, but I’m desperate for shared-Siri with actual intelligence around which device you’re talking to / it just works across any of them.

    Saying “Hey Siri turn out the lights” and then having my phone respond first means *all* the lights in the house go out.
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