This question is from devs working in agencies.

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How much of your actual working hours do you actually work?

Im doing my last internship in an agency and i feel like iam doing more than i should.

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    It really depends. My company does allow overtime on projects but all time for time. So 1 hour of overtime is one hour of your 8hours a day somewhere that week or the next.

    When Im not on a project I have only had overtime once (because I wanted to finish something) at 10:30PM they told me I didnt have to come in the next day because I had 5h30m overtime. They basically gave me a free day off (so I got paid 8 hours for the 5:30 overtime)
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    Depending on the agency and their work load ..
    I once worked in an agency where I have to work full 40 hr a week. Everything you do is logged in a timer and you write why you did during these hours.

    Other agency I just check in and check out and my tasks were different from day to day
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    My devs work normal working hours 9 to 5.

    I don't know about "actual work" part though 😁

    For me, I work 7to7 on average and I do my best those hours count by practicing Pomodoro. But I don't work like that every day of the week 🤫
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    I've never agency worked but I've worked with agency workers. They were ALWAYS complaining that they weren't getting enough work done because there were too many meetings. Got to the point where some would refuse to attend a whole meeting and only go to the parts relevant to them.
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    Eh, I'm salary but I work roughly 8am to 5pm. I try to stay focused and work throughout the day, but it's a calm environment and we all fuck with each other a lot. All in all, I am productive 5 or 6 hours a day. It helps to really love the work you're doing too 😉
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    @tmpnull it really depends per person. Ive worked for 4 companies as external hire now and two of them really had to many meetings. This is coming from a person who is regularly organizing meetings.

    But when I organize meetings I only invite those actually needed by email and if I see other people who might be interested in the hallway I will tell them about it, but what I see is that when Im working as backend dev I get pulled into design meetings for something to be delivered in three weeks time while Ive deadlines for my backend for that week.

    As external hire the company doesnt just hire a developer, but they hire a developer who can analyze what can be improved and what not (because you generally have done more projects in less time).

    Again it depends per person but if someone from an agency states there is to many meetings then it probably is.

    NOTE: the above comment is based on my colleagues (from the agency) and colleagues from other agencies Ive worked with.
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