I just don't have the energy for marketing, even if it's my own product 😓

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    @thNSA is famous for it's shitty wity PowerPoint pitchdeck slides with bad memes. That's a sales strategy too 😃

    Joke aside.
    So what solution to a problem does your product solve and for who and how?
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    Why don't you hire someone to do it for you?
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    You have the whole Facebook in your hand. 🤔 What are you talking about not able to do marketing? 😏
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    @cursee he is taking about energy and having insporation to make use of it. The famous imposter syndrome, burnout or regular depression.
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    @mt3o yea that's why as "THE NSA" he should just use facebook for the marketing of his app :P
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    @heyheni Fellow classmates could share notes/resources/questions in a forum. The problem is that it's completely user-based, so I need users before the site can be truly useful.
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    @mt3o It's a personal project that I can't really put much money into. Anyways, it's supposed to be used by people I know so a marketer wouldn't be the best option anyways
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    @theNSA marketing is basically giving information.

    I am sure you know what your project/app

    - does

    - does not

    - differences from other projects/apps

    Just list them down.

    If you know powerpoint, create a slideshow with above info.

    If you know html, create a static website with above info.

    If you know photoshop, create a brochure with above info.

    Pass the slideshow/website/brochure to "the people you know" via "the channels they are active" at. And see their responses and feedbacks.

    If they are interested and wanted to learn more


    if they used your project/app and have questions

    Generate suitable information using above methods and reply to them.

    Repeat the whole thing.
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    dude, aren't you hyped about what you have done?

    aren't you proud of what you have done?

    don't you wanna tell about it to people and show it to the world?

    forget marketing or whatever shit.

    you have done something.

    be happy and be proud of it.

    go show it to the rest of the world.
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    @cursee Thanks for the pep talk 😁
    I might just do this
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