Just switched to Geany because fonts in Bluefish had no contrast (only reason). I changed the color scheme to the default of Gedit and the typography is Latin Modern Mono (my favourite). It looks very nice and also, I have an awesome integrated terminal.
The advantages of Geany are that it is native (written in C and C++), and it has an amazing code editor called Scintilla, which provides real code parsing instead of just syntax coloring. It's not as smart as Electron-based code editors (like Visual Studio Code and Atom) or Webstorm, but I find it very beautiful and comfortable, at least for what I do.
Nevertheless, I would recommend both Bluefish and Geany, because they're both awesome. The only difference is that Bluefish is designed for web development and Geany is more for C/C++/Vala/Java/Python development.

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