Classmate today opened kernel git and asked me which commit im on. I said the one after 5.0rc1. Then his response:
Well i doubt you are Haxk20 since you are behind by 10 commits.

Will charge my lappy and will compile. Dammit

  • 7
    I just ran pacman and I have 177 updates and counting.

    I wonder what would happen if I didn't update it for another month...
  • 2
    @RememberMe Yeah that would be around 500 updates.
  • 6
    @Haxk20 I should link this as an API and publish a daily counter of how many updates I have pending
    It would be hilarious
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    @RememberMe I would hate you if you have reached 1 package out of date. But wont it be more cool if i did it ? So people could shout me out that im out of date.
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