Should I learn Bootstrap or SASS, or both?
I hear good things about both of them and already know HTML + CSS, and would like to use them to organize my code and make more advanced websites easier.

Should I choose one over the other, or use both?

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    learn sass first because bootstrap requires sass.
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    Bootstrap is a frontend css library written in sass. Sass is a language itself that compiles to css.

    Learn sass and everything about front end stylesheet architecture and you will not find a need for bootstrap.

    But if you must use bootstrap it will make it easier on you.
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    Sass is incredible.
    Learn that first.

    If you really want to learn a css framework, I'd recommend something other than bootstrap, honestly, but it will still help (ish) if you're just starting.
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    @Root says the Ruby dev 😎

    I’m not sold on sass for solo, - small teams, the only thing I found useful was the variables for reuse, but vanilla gives me that now so 🤷‍♂️, but I’m sure it has its uses for large teams.

    As for bootstrap, good to know the grid layouts for responsive design and how they work, but unless you are going to make use of a lot of the layout and features you could probably get away without it (depending on css knowledge)
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    @C0D4 Skeleton is enough for css grids.

    Susy is also very nice, though overkill for small projects.

    Sass also has mixins/etc, which are basically functions and inheritance for css. Absolutely simplifies your stylesheets. Ten similar button styles? One function, ten calls with different params. Done!
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    If you don’t familiar with css, learn css and js first. Once you familiar with flex box and jquery. Then you don’t have to learn bootstrap and sass, take a look at the doc, you can just use them without waste too much time.
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