Does anybody know a good resource to help make sense of what the actual fuck is going on with Observables? Every time I look into them, they come across as this disgusting, messy, shit fucking set of functions. I know they have advantages, but I really struggle to make any sense of them whatsoever

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    I present to you the Order of the Crimson Eye's Treatise on Observables.

    You marvel at the intricate and ornate cover, and at the sheer weight of the tome. Surely it must contain immense knowledge!

    As you lift the cover and begin to rife through its pages, arcane cruft rises to meet your eyes. The examples are contradictory, the descriptions are madness. It is filled with insane ravings.

    After some time you close the book, unsettled by the realization you will never be the same.
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    Lol, come again @Root?
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    @jschmold I felt some creativity was in order ๐Ÿ˜‹
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    Joining this thread for notifications in case some one answers with a good resource
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    I found this which was great for understanding observables. But the RxJS operators are still beyond me

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    A very nice talk that start from basic principles and builds up to the observable abstraction:
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    And https://rxmarbles.com/ for trying out/visualizing the rx operators.
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