I'm working as a tutor for two classes. Students are 11th graders, smart and curious as hell.

We get to the OS part of the course and they have to use WinAPI for now. The explanations in the lessons are vague and they are forced to use MSDN which also has either super-high-level or super-simplistic explanations. Don't know how to give them motivation for this crap.

Also, where is WinAPI really used? For writing drivers? Viruses? Relatively low-level software?

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    Just to be clear, the lessons are prebuilt, there's a presentation for each one, so I don't have that much control over what they learn.
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    I used it in a project to automate some log rotation once for stopping the service.
    I remember screaming for some reason.
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    You could analyze some virus that can be found in a 2000ths virus repository on github and see how they work. It can be nice and interasting and show how the windows processes are attacked and how they work, same with Linux but Linux is already cooler than windows because it's different
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