Me every time...

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    Yeah... Especially in this field of development
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    All my professors at the University think like that!
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    That's me when i was first introduced to Git 😂
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    If I may the endstadium of this thinking would be
    Imposter Syndrome my friend. Everybody has it, few talk about it, the worst ones ignore it and blow up their ego. Last one I`ve seen in professors, Leads, Managers & CEOs. Basically everybody who should know better, failed to do so.

    Instead of thinking negatively about your positive progress, give yourself a clap on the back and move on. You will need your self-confidence, grit, happiness and courage for the road ahead dude.
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    I usually comment and take notes on all I learn, read or "discover". Not for other people (except some times) but for me. There is nothing worse that don't remember something you learned from your experience.
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