So now that I'm back on the market, I've been receiving some calls and done some interviews, I decided that I don't want to work for web studios anymore (see previous rant).

One the calls I had this morning from a Digital Marketing studio (puke emoji) that someone recommended me. I decided to have a chat anyway, just to see how things go.

Had a chat with the owner and he said that would send me a test and I said sure, as long that you understand that *this* is my asking.

Anyway, did some search and boy... For a Digital Marketing studio *puke emoji*, their reputation doesn't look good.

Later, the email with the "test" comes through:

1. Register domain
2. Create hosting account
3. DNS, Dev Environment, WordPress, WooCommerce
4. Front-End Web Development
5. Ecommerce Configuration
6. Back-End Web Development
7. Upload Products
8. API Integration
9. Migrate to Live Environment
10. Apache Configuration
11. Hosts File
12. Handover Instructions
13. Change logs

Further instructions added to link to a payment gateway, test transactions and some stuff.

As a test


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    Sounds like they are trying to make you do some work for them for free. Watch them take your submission and use it as a base for further development.

    Of course they won't give you the job 🙄
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    That’s a test?
    That’s free work if I’ve ever seen it.

    Did they specify the domain, coz I’d buy it and sell it back to them.
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    @C0D4 😂
    Oh would I ever.
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    You can tell a man is a dev when text is aligned perfectly like comments and code
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