He wants to pay me 300$ monthly on upwork for giving him access to my computer because of upwork security? No thank you. My computer is my computer and nobody else can use it.

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    Notice that he has failed over and over again in his life
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    you did right
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    I genuinely struggle to let family use my laptop if I'm not sitting right beside them, let alone a complete stranger.
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    @asgs doesn't he know what a vpn conenction is? Why does he want me to cooperate with him, give me 300$ monthly only to use my pc? NOBODY WILL EVER GET ACCESS TO IT AND EVEN BY BRUTEFORCING THE PASS. The calculator says that it will take a computer 34 billion years either to access my pc or to decrypt my drive. I will not let anybody to push something in there to watch me and steal my shit.
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    Set up a VPN for 5 bucks, give access to it to this person for 300.
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    @Npstr uhh a service oriented mentality. I like that!
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    @Npstr yeah, still nope. His linkedin says that he is from germany, but name says othervise. Dunno, cannot judge him and I do not want to have something with him
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    I think it has been already been established that he tried to do some sort of phishing. Or he is one confused man (which I doubt)
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    @asgs I think confused. Dunno but I also think that in order to give me a contract, he would need to use my pc to give it to me and in that time anything can happen
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    Well, personally I accept to take a million and leave my pc and buy a new one for myself
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    @Ma30h yeah, me too but that was the last straw on my end. After the message, I've blocked him
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    @Npstr @EvilArcher or get a vps, put a desktop Linux distro on it and let him use that for 300. Costs you about 5/10 depending on where you get it.
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    Do you know him?
    Or this is another type of tech center scam?
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    @EvilArcher 34 billion years? I think it can be cracked in 50 years from now. Those calculations dont take quantum computing in account.
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    @Codex404 quantum computers are good in cracking primes but quite bad at brute Force. As long as we don't get a better cracking algorithm, aes will be save for quite a while ae long as we regularly update the key size.

    But don't take my word for it. Google it yourself:
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    @-newaj dont know him
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    @Codex404 yeah, but still it will take some time
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    They made you an offer you refused.

    How about you rent out your kidneys for 300$ per month?
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    @Stuxnet which is why I ask you to stop watching animal porn.
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    He wanted a platform to screw over clients. They will be calling you wondering where the work is for the money they spent. It's called a scam.
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    He will use this because p*rnhub is blocked in their country lol
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