I need to find a way to stay motivated on a project when I hit the wall.

I always get to a point where my limited knowledge stops and I have to plug away and I just get instantly demotivated and I hate it.

I'll never be where I want to be if this keeps happening. Any tips for organising your mind during these times?

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    Nope. When I was self learning as a teen I never hit those walls, my wonder carried me through.

    Or rather my naivety.

    Now that I’ve had it as a job for years, all the fun and soul has been sucked out of it, so as soon as I hit a point I can’t overcome or a point where I know I’m facing an uphill struggle - poof! There goes the motivation...

    I’m also interested if anybody has any suggestions?

    I suppose cocaine might help, but then again, knowing my procrastinating self, I’d just end up retiling the bathroom or something.
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    Haha well at least that's an efficient use of your time. Maybe not the use you intended but a use nonetheless.

    I still have a love for programming. I mean it's my hobby and job but every now and then I just smash against something and my brain can't quite figure it out so I just freeze and procrastinate.
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    Get friends.

    No but honestly if whenever I had other people working on similar or the same problems, just talking to them usually gave me enough ideas to overcome my hurdle or read into the proper stuff to help myself overcome it. Or it just gives you a new thing to work on and after having a break from the particular problem you had earlier, it pretty much solves itself because your brain isn't stuck anymore.

    That is usually one of the reasons why the projects I stay with the longest are open source things where multiple people constantly talk about it.
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    I work on multiple side projects so when I'm stuck on one I move to the next to give my brain time to process in the background.
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    I'm same way. The projects that i push through and spend the time looking up what i need (hours/days) i really level up. But it is hard to get motivated to do that.
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    That's a really good idea, i just don't know where to get those friends from.
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    If you work in a single project, search for task you have to do. Don't try to solve it in order or something. When you get stuck, apart from the PC, grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you want, try to distract your mind from work and when you end your break time try to solve another problem or task in the project.
    Also, as the other guy said, try to find people with your interest and/or people that works in something similar.
    The idea of one-man projects doesn't work good nowdays.
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