Been trying to figure out what makes me happy - professionally. Nothing makes me more happy than writing a challenging piece of code.

But I now hate doing that at my job because of all the office politics involved and the only challenge I ever face at work is when I am told to add some conditions in modules that are written by others and ofcourse they can add that condition in 5 minutes and it takes me an hours to first understand the functionality of the module and then add my condition. Not to mention, I then get judged on it.

I am just not happy at this job anymore and sometimes I feel like I will start hating coding just because of this job. So I gave them my resignation and left. But they want me back and offered that I take a month off and think about it. I know when I go back it will the same shit all over again.

I don't have any other job offer at the moment and it will be fine for me to go back but hmm I am just not happy in that place anymore and I am so confused.

Can anyone relate to this? What do you guys do to feed that inner developer the challenges that hmm idk make you feel alive? If you know what I mean.

Anything that can motivate me :(

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    I was in a similar situation. I left and took some time off. This motivated me to code again to some degree.
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    @rantsauce did you go back to the same place?
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    @monrichi No, I didn't.
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    Ya. I started hating programming. Quit my job a year ago, after six years there. Gotta start applying for new jobs soon, but I'm definitely giving this profession another chance.
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    Quit and find something where they let you do what you like, even if it means making you unemployed for a few extra months
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    It won't change, but you can.

    Find somewhere better. Give yourself some time, and both your motivation and your love of coding should return. Don't let a horrible job ruin you!
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    Don't worry you will find something better. There's nothing worse than having to go into someone else's code and change and or fix things. it would be like meeting somebody on the street and they say going to my house that you've never seen before and get my eyeglasses. Of course you have no idea where they keep their eyeglasses and you've never been in their house before and maybe they're a slob and it's an entire mess in there.

    Where I work is pretty cool. Each Dev is it signed as a lead on an individual project. We have all the say on how it is designed from the ground up, that's the good side. Downside is that you have to be a full stack developer. We all help each other to some degree, but we never get involved in each other's projects.
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    @S-falken hey thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I work for a non IT company, there's only one project that we all work on. My point wasn't that i get to make changes in other ppl's code. The point was that it is the only challenge i ever get. Rest of things I get are so easy, I am not learning anything new. It is getting boring and stupid everyday.
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    @monrichi If you're stagnating, it's time to leave. Jobs should be stepping stones for your own growth; any loyalty to the company is usually misplaced, especially if you aren't a shareholder.

    That is a difficult lesson I'm still working on learning 🙁
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    @Root working on grabbing this lesson too
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    @monrichi oh sorry I misunderstood. If you are a developer then you need to develop.

    If you generally like where you work, then ask around and see if you could start a new product/ project for them.

    If you don't like where your working. Start developing a project on your own on your own time and see where that goes. Just keep developing no matter what. "If you don't use it you lose it"

    Sorry I wish I had better advice. I was once stuck in a similar situation so I feel bad for you.
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    The best you can do is sit down with someone in that company and explain why you want to leave, give examples.

    Go back only if they offer better compensation and be clear in your conditions.

    You might start something good if they fix their ways.
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    @S-falken thank you :)
    Due to some personal reasons i am gonna have to go back at thw same place for now. 8 hours in that place drains my energy. I always start my own project and then just never get enough time for them.

    But i have this one month off and i am working on my projects. Hopefully things will work out soon :)
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    @mundo03 hmm I dont think this is possible. The IT manager isn't a CS person. He just learned to program in php, got some experience. This is how he has been working since the beginning. There's no changing him.

    I will do the best I can and focus more on the things that are in my control :)
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    @monrichi regardless, feedback is always important
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