Anyone facing the problem with WPS office for Linux,
when you paste a text into the cell, it takes 2 rows and the text is being pasted on the bottom row

This is really annoying cuz if there is something already in the next row, it gets removed

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    You know, at first I thought you were talking about Wireless Protected Setup, which I would have immediately recommended you disable in an office (or home, or, really, almost any) situation.
    Then I realized you were talking about an office software suite.
    Then I realized I had no clue what might be the problem, because I don't really know how the clipboard works on unspecified Linuxes.
    Then I thought "Well, have they tried pasting into an alternate editor, say text-only, copied from there, and see if that fixed it?" Then that would at least indicate something screwy with the data.
    But alas, I cannot rightly guess at what kind of sorcery would be needed to answer a question such as this.
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    @Tsaukpaetra it's Fedora 29 with gnome

    didn't try to copy plain text btw, It was copying from a site, some text were bold and some were normal

    But I also tried the url, giving the same result in some place and in some places it was ok

    WPS for linux is the Suite WPS Office for linux (with Chinese text on startup screen, never seen that on windows one)
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