Gonna start using Vim. Last two attempts in the past two years have failed. Wish me luck

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    What happened last 2 times?
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    @hubiruchi I found it very difficult to switch to. Yeah, I know it's got a high learning curve. I should invest some more time and be patient.
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    Use nvim instead of vim.
    Its nearly 100% compatible with vim, but offers more functionality, and as such, more plugins.
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    Why? To proof you are reel programmar?
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    @irene Lol.

    Honestly speaking, and it may sound funny, I actually like the fact that we can code without touching mouse. That's my reason. Now don't ask me then why not Emacs?
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    @pyaf you can code without mouse in every modern code editor and IDE. It's not vim privilege in any sense.
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    @irene But can you exit your modern IDE?
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    @7Raiden oh god. How original. 😒
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    @irene Well then, I wanna learn it because I wanna learn it :p

    Please don't kill me. :p
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    It’s not that bad and it’s a great skill to have. Doing a lot of cloud work I couldn’t live without it, but I’ve also used it since I started on computers so it was easy for me.

    Good practice is also to install vim plugins in your IDE. Helps you get used to it.
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    Also would suggest a small getting started book. I liked Painless Vim which you can get on Leanpub for a good price.
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    @datawraith I'm going through Vimtutor and some tutorials on Youtube as of now, aren't these enough?
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    @pyaf 1. vim is love - vim is life
    2. You just need to use it. Don't try to memorise, you'll fail.
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