Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! For motherfucking fuck's sake.... I now have been trying to fall asleep for 3 and a half hours but as I live in a dorm there is always a lot of noise until midnight... fine, I will just spend one hour lying in bed and contemplating my life choices... as I am finally falling asleep my roommate barges in, turns on all the lights, makes a fuckton of noise and leaves again for 15 minutes... Then he finally comes back and decides that he is going to bed too. Finally, some sleep! Nope... he started watching some stupid IG/FB videos without headphones... Right... I will just put on my ANC earphones to block it out. It's not working, too loud... and the party next door suddenly continues. FML... Ok, I will just play some thunderstorm sounds on my phone because the ANC works better with something playing. Nice, it works, the only thing I hear is the thunderstorm. As the track is ending and I am just about to fall asleep my roommate starts snoring with a sound amplitude of roughly 50db(I measured it). WHYYYYY?! WHYYYY IN THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD CAN'T I GET SOME SLEEP HERE?! Not even fucking earplugs work.

PS: As I am writing the last word the party just got louder again... seriously fml

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    Reminds me of the time I had to live in a Freshman dorm. As a 23-year-old returning to college. That was a nightmare. Never again. Who knew you can feel so much older than people who are only 5 years younger than you?
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    I feel for you so much. I am very sensitive to loud noise and I love in a city where everyone and their mothers party super hard during the weekends :(
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    Wow. All I can offer is "I'm so sorry".

    Sounds like you're the sensible one in your side of the building.
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    @EmberQuill well, this is a different kind of dorm, it's built somewhat like a hotel but with 2x6 meters big rooms each with 2 beds, 50 rooms per floor and 6 floors per block (there are 12 blocks but they are not so close that the noise from other blocks would be noticeable) and there are students from many universities and many different semesters
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    @NeedsMoreDivs it basically does not matter where in the building I am, there are parties everywhere, at any time, at any day of the week... what matters is that roommate is still snoring and I can't get him to stop whatever I do... It's 3:28 AM and I have to get up at 7:00 AM 😭😭😭
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    Oh... A real thunderstorm just came in 🤔
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    @D3add3d is there anyone working for the college that will act on a complaint or allow you to transfer to a different building? Wish I could offer more immediate suggestions... 😕 Hope subsequent days/nights will be better for you.
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    @NeedsMoreDivs There is the block manager... I could ask to move to another room but every single room is fully booked so that's not a possibility. Moving to another block(building) is not an option and I don't really want to because 80% of my friends are here :(

    But I thank you for the suggestions anyway :)
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    @NeedsMoreDivs I am probably going to get a room in a hotel for a week because I have exams and also lots of work to do this week.

    PS: 4AM, roommate still loud as a freaking impact driver
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    @EmberQuill the only thing worse than living in a dorm.. is living in a dorm after having your own apartment. I lucked out when I went back to school. Even though I was 23 at the time apparently everyone on my floor thought I was 30 something and were "respectful". For example, my roommates were partying pretty loud, late at night. I didn't say anything. I just went over and turned off the lights and they just went "oh woops." From then on I could just say "alright I'm going to sleep after I shower" and them and the room next to us would calm down.
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    Yeah, I'd had my own apartment prior to going back too. My roommates were all returning/transferred upperclassmen so the actual room wasn't so bad. But every time I stepped out into the hall, I'd get this feeling of being surrounded by idiots. Constantly thinking "There is no way I was this stupid five years ago."

    But then I remembered that I was just as immature at their age.

    I'm so glad to be done with that. If I ever go back, I'll take online courses or commute to the nearest college.
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